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SADIE JEMMETT ~ British Songwriter Digs Deep

Sadie Jemmett

Sadie Jemmett

When I first heard this musician’s magic, I was on the front page of http://100000fans.com (a wonderful new site for artists).

The lead song on Sadie’s line-up peeked my interest right away with it’s hooky melody and guitar intro.  Then, … the pure and  completely unaffected vocals rested upon my eardrums and I was ENTIRELY sold. I then read a bit of her bio…

There was the story of a woman who had lived so fully and sometimes, quite hard, in such a modest number of years.  By the sound of it though, I am happy to say she is now thriving musically.  On her myspace page, the default picture showed her walking with her daughter, a peak into her life’s main priority, (aside from music of course).  What amazed me most was the imperceptible barrier between songwriter and song… something that delivered an emotional reaction.   Art is really good, (in my humble opinion), if it summons shared emotion without ‘TRYING’ to.   It just poured forth, unedited by ego.  This woman is a natural.

I listened to and downloaded the album so I could experience the songs “Entirely” …which just so happens to be the name of the lead track and my favorite on her latest effort: The Blacksmith’s Girl.


*Since I have limited time to blog with, I will only be writing about two songs from each artist featured weekly.   I wish I could do more but I will leave that to the professional bloggers and podcasters.  My point is, it was VERY tough choosing the second song to write about.*  I chose it for personal reasons as it seemed to touch on something I too have experienced:

“Another Way To Be” manages to have an impactful chorus while remaining light as a feather.  Nothing is beat into you on the track but you surely get the point.


I hope you will go to the sites mentioned below to check out more of this rare talent.  Her videos are not to be  missed as you will see the more aggressive side of Sadie and a great deal of musicianship, guitar-wise.

Bravo for Sadie Jemmett!  I wish her bundles of success in her career.  My hope in writing these blogs is that the artists themselves, like what they hear about their efforts.  When I have more followers… I will be re-tweeting the links to all I have written to give them more exposure, which is my other main goal.

By the way, you can donate to this artist @ http://100000fans.com and download the album for free.

Here is the link to her official website as well.  Note the tabs that connect to multiple social networking sites that she is on.  Impressive:  http://sadiejemmett.blogspot.com

After reading Sadie’s bio, I wished I, myself had some money to invest in her talent.

~Music Blogger @ Apes For Indie

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