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AMY KUNEY ~ Bird’s Eye View of a FUN songwriter

Amy Kuney

Amy Kuney

This newest blog was inspired by what singer/songwriter Amy Kuney has done already at what seems like a pretty young age.  I am encouraged by the sense of fun she injects into her songwriting, at almost every turn.  It’s refreshing and what I hear leaves me excited about what she will create next.  Her vocals are reminiscent of Fiona Apple, but with a spirit that is uniquely her own.  I sense a hint of spunk is attached to this songwriter’s persona… but that’s just a guess.

Let’s take her song, “Chocolate”, for instance.  I wont post it here.  I will only be presenting two songs from each artist in these blogs in the hopes that readers will seek out their websites and youtube videos instead. (See links at bottom of page). Chocolate is quite delicious and dare I say this again? … FUN (-;

You may have already heard Amy’s song, “All Downhill From Here” on a popular television show. This blog is merely a spring-board on your way to discovering Amy’s music.  You may want to visit her myspace page for other gifts. I don’t feel that “downhill” is the direction this song-writer is headed in … quite the opposite.

*That brings me to the first track I will formally present in my blog: “Simple Things”. 
I love the texture of her voice here.  It is so warm and inviting.  I love the way this song sings the message.  It is quite lovely.  Having written songs myself, I can say for a fact that, … songwriting THIS good,  is NOT a “simple” thing. I feel she has done a really good job here:

The next song featured is also from her latest effort, A Bird’s Eye View, entitled, “Thank You”. 
I love the playfulness in the melody and the delivery here on piano. You will enjoy watching and listening. It really had me singing along.

Well, here are the links to Amy Kuney and her promising world of music.  And no Amy, … thank YOU!
*By the way, she is playing at the Hotel Cafe, here in Los Angeles on June the 16th. I might be there.





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