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PATTY GRIFFIN ~ Treasure Chest … (Part 2)

It is hard for me to pick songs to feature when writing about Patty Griffin.  Her catalog is like an expansive treasure chest, nestled at the bottom of the sea, waiting to be discovered by those willing to go there.

Treasure Chest

If you took the time to experience part 1 in my tribute series, then you already know why I have spent  so much time featuring this artist’s work. If you missed Part 1 … then perhaps you should go to this link before proceeding: http://bit.ly/Xzujy

Tonight I dove down to visit this songwriter’s treasure chest, (as I have done quite often in my life).  The waters were murky and my mood was a bit melancholy so when I came back up to the surface, the song “Rain” became the next featured gem in my tribute series.

This song is from the “1000 Kisses” album.  I think each of Patty’s songs are precious jewels, deserving of their own display case.


“And I’m still alive underneath this shroud… praying for rain” …

I have chosen to adorn this blog with a song that came to me at very hard times.  I have also chosen to use a Youtube video in which her LYRICS are highlighted and her vocals come to you without video.  I wanted you to experience “Rain” … without an umbrella.

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