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EMMA JACOB ~ Spirited One Takes Flight

I first came to know about Emma Jacob through a wonderful person known as “Ms. Nashville” on myspace.  Ms. Nashville is in the business of finding and promoting young talent from the area.  When I heard Emma’s voice, saw her spirit on stage via videos, and heard her story… I was not only touched, I was blown away.  That was two years ago.  She has now inked a deal with The Black River Music Group and I just wanted to give her even more exposure on the internet, with sincere hopes that she will soar to even greater heights in the future.  That prospect looks mighty promising.

Emma Jacob’s story is an inspiring one.  This song and video tell that story, which begins with a cocaine addiction at birth requiring hospitalizations and leading to adoptive parents who loved and supported her through it all.  The story brightens even more as her gift for musical expression is discovered and these lyrics pose the question, “What If We Fly“?  Well, what if we did Emma?  Good question!  You already seem to have taken flight.  This song is a highly spirited AND  ‘spiritual‘ one.  There is always a way to get free and reach our greatest potential.  The soaring chorus in this song gives my heart and my ears much joy.  Oh and did I mention that she is only 18 years old? Watch this! Here she is LIVE as original video has been disabled.


That brings us to our second featured track, entitled “Julianna“, in which listeners are told they don’t need to compromise themselves in order to be loved.  The lyrics are important, (even for those of us past the point of adolescence). ~ “Julianna, you don’t have to do that to be loved.” and  “Julianna, I wish you knew, you knew, you knew …  you were enough.”  We get the feeling Emma Jacob will be calling all of her own shots one day.  She is a spirited powerhouse with high ambition and the talent to make it happen for a very long time.  http://www.youtube.com/user/EmmaMaeJacob#p/f/1/G-M8GyD8WX8

Good songwriting has its place in more than just one genre and the two songs I feature here today contain stories told with such brilliant insight and powerful, golden vocals, … I would not want anyone to miss out on them.  This relatively young person writes songs, plays guitar, and sings her heart out on stage with the maturity and understanding of someone much older.  These songs should be reaching audiences well outside the confines of the country music arena.  Emma co-writes with Karen Staley, who toured with Faith Hill and others.  Emma’s talents have been lauded by Paul Worley and Tony Conway, (music producers who have worked with country music’s heavy hitters).

You can find out more about Emma Mae Jacob by following the links below.  We hope to bring you continuing news about all of our artists via twitter @apesforindie:




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