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PATTY GRIFFIN ~ Now You Know … (Part 1)

And so I stood there, … in awe of what I was hearing on that Autumn day in the year 2000. I was in my best friend’s living room in upstate NY when I heard the utter rawness of “Every Little Bit”. The song left me wondering what had happened in Patty Griffin’s life to inspire such unrestrained vocals, powerful messaging and unforgiving lyrics. I had to hear more and so we settled in with some hot tea and listened to the entire album, entitled: “Living With Ghosts”.

Patty Griffin - Living With Ghosts

That afternoon’s listening session changed the role that music played in my life. After hearing this tiny redhead belt out gem after gem, I took my first serious interest in writing songs of my own. Up until that time, I was a content singer and hobbyist who would cover the material of others in casual settings. This woman’s gift for writing pointed me in the direction of an artistic life. Her inspiration was tremendous. Each track seemed to speak to me on a highly personal level. But enough about myself… I have heard MANY others say the same thing.

Talk about resonating with your audience! … the surgical precision with which a Patty Griffin song touches your life is nearly psychic in nature. It’s as if she has been watching your life unfold and truly understands it all. What a comfort! … and what a blessing. There is just no other way to describe what Patty does. I have read comments about her shyness as a new performer many years back. I am so grateful she has gotten over that!!! Time has done the talking (-; … and now? … she has become quite the powerhouse on stage, keeping some very good company and packing gorgeous venues.

Here is a very old video of Patty Griffin. Watch for a little while but then just close your eyes and let yourself “feel” her lyrics:


~ “I stay unseen by the light, stay untold by the truth, I am sold by your lies”

~ “There was never a moment, (not a moment) … now you know! now you know! now you know! now you know! … you ever got within a hundred million miles of my soul”

*Stay tuned for Part 2 of this tribute series by the Apes For Indie*


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James Maddock ~ Your Stars Have Aligned

James Maddock

James Maddock

When the stars align, a British-born songwriter makes his home in the Big Apple where he frequents venues like Rockwood Music Hall. He blesses the patrons there, (and at other lucky venues), with his awesome compositions. This is one of those artists that can really give you the chills in a very good way. You will want to read on…

James Maddock’s songs paint many pictures; some of them melancholy, some of them sweet, … but ALL of them just plain memorable! This EPK/video is imbued not only with his great music, but also with powerful imagery of New York city’s grit, mystique, loneliness, and yes, … even romance. Listening to Mr. Maddock’s music made me feel that he had channeled profound experiences into fine art. He also seems to have a soft spot for the place he calls his home. As a native NY’er, I cant help but really understand that (-; Here is your blog mate…

The first track he treats us to is about a very specific ‘moment’ in time.  The arrangements are just beautiful and James communicates a very gentle, loving message with a voice that is unmistakably masculine in texture. The time and place he seems to hold in such high regard is the moment of a “Sunrise on Avenue C”. I got the feeling he did not want to leave that time and place. After listening, … neither did I.

The second track briefly visited in this brilliantly done EPK is “When the Stars Align”. Today happens to be an astronomical new moon and yesterday was the summer solstice, (first day of summer). So it is fitting that we blog about James tonight! You will also get a glimpse of James’ personality and songwriting approach in the video. I liked him, (as an artist AND as a person) right after I clicked the (PLAY) button… I’m pretty sure you will too.  It’s good to be well-liked as well as mega-talented James! We also think your accent is endearing so congratulations on having it all!

The third song touched upon in the EPK will be posted in it’s complete mp3 format below: “Hollow Love”. Enjoy this amazing journey:

I loved the agitation of the acoustic guitar throughout this song… giving it exciting movement and energy. It is full of hooks too and hints at a sense of humor in lyrics such as, “All night I sit up and ‘drink’ about you”. The love I have for the work of this songwriter is by no means hollow.

[MP3] James Maddock ~ HOLLOW LOVE

Please see the following link for more of James Maddock and his scheduled appearances: http://myspace.com/jamesmaddockmusic

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