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Michael Jackson ~ Death as a wake-up call

So much has happened in the lives of those of us who remember the beginnings of Michael Jackson. He was someone whose force could not be ignored… even if you were not a fan. He was part of the fabric of our lives and often, the soundtrack of our lives as well. He infiltrated the world’s sound waves and video waves, as well as the depths of our curiosity and playful hearts. He amazed us and confused us at the same time.

I cant help but think today of the magic he has taken with him from the planet. I’ve been trying to examine just why so many people, (including myself), feel so “blue” and sad about the loss of someone we didn’t know personally. His songs will live on so why are we so distraught? I think it is simply because he seemed like a superhero … a somewhat supernatural phenomenon that would never die. Yesterday he did and it’s almost like getting up on Christmas morning at just 4 years old, and having your parents tell you there are no gifts under the tree because there really is NO Santa Claus! That is the only way I can describe this feeling I have. The child in me feels let down by a crashing dream. But is that his fault? No way. We let ourselves fantasize about who this man was. Nothing is indestructible these days… why should he be different?

Michael’s voice, music, dance moves, outfits, and persona, brought us to another place… a place we needed to visit and a place we must now reconsider as only a moment in time. We were just woken from a sweet dream and it is, indeed, heartbreaking. The one who weaved the magic fantasy is gone… no wonder there is a void.

May Michael find all the time to be a little boy now and may he play freely without our eyes judging his every move. He was sort of sacrificial lamb for the world and for the arts… (a form of child labor disguised as something far from a crime). We all watched, we all applauded, we all stood unknowing what damage he was incurring on the inside over the years. Some of us even laughed and judged. In a way, we objectified him… but he helped us to do so. It seems that’s all he ever wanted was love… not love for his “talents”, but love for who he was underneath it all. The only way he thought he could get that love was by entertaining with perfection. What a shame. Love is most certainly pouring forth in abundance now.

I hope all artists, (who tend to be a little different and more sensitive than others), take good care of their bodies and minds so that they don’t leave us terribly early on such a continual basis. The chemical numbing only serves for the short term. We must one day feel our pain and face it or be destroyed by the very chemicals we think are protecting us. The numbness is the enemy… not the feelings we must face. This a dreadful trend that needs to be stopped. I am venturing a guess in this instance but toxicology reports will tell the tale. We must not judge.

Peace from The Apes For Indie


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